Into The Wild 2020

This capsule truly embodies the symbolism behind the leopard. A wild cat that symbolizes the beauty and boldness that one possesses. Exuding confidence in one’s life journey. The road may be rough, and the climb may be more challenging than you thought, but trust in one’s abilities that you can conquer them all! This collection embraces freedom and fearlessness. In Yoruba culture the leopard is the epitome of wisdom, survival and bravery. The choice for Onalaja’s women of the season was extremely important as each woman both elderly and young share stories of survival. The elderly provides a sense of guidance to the young and demonstrate the power of shapeshifting and camouflaging into this new wild world.

This vivid composition is further juxtaposed with the infusion of 70s disco glam that mimics the metallic elements and beaded sparkles all intertwined to recreate the traditional leopard print pattern. Culture and tradition are authentically immersed through the means of both three-dimensional and surface decoration, incised, relieved, woven, imprinted, beaded, and carved all in the echo of the Africa we know.

Selected pieces are now stocked on Farfetch and The folklore.